Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Masculin Feminin

One of the first non-genre intensive films I have seen by Godard, Masculin Feminin was very well sculpted. The youth culture presented in the movie, and the influence of pop-culture seems an ever-relevant topic. The dialogue of the film seems carefully constructed, both in form and content, and precise meaning of language seems to be a topic of interest. The general life and structure of 60's era France also pervades the film.

The romance in Masculin Feminin seems very complex, funny, and interesting at the same time. The pairing of an idealist revolutionary, at least in thought, and a pop-star seems the most unlikely of match ups. The actors do a great job, despite their roles, although Chantal Goya was an actual pop star, at least to some extent. The children of marx and coca-cola seems to sum up the film incredibly well.

Godard's interest in youth culture can be seen budding in this film. It is clear that the left-wing views of French youth had an incredible influence on Godard's film and personal life. The social rift apparent in the difference between Marx and Coca-Cola, is one that Godard is still likely trying to close, through negativity and rejection if nothing else.

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